Big ticket items - things that made a difference!

  • Hired Morris Richardson as attoney for the City of West Melbourne
  • Significant investments in infrastructure including relining of many of the older sewer mains
  • Improvements made to the filtering system for the waste water sewer system
  • Police pension funding level has gone from 67% funded to 90% funded in the last 6 years that I have served on the board
  • Building of new facility works facility - paid cash.
  • Rainy day fund is now funded at many times the level required by the State of Florida
  • Drainage improvements throughout the City greatly reducing flooding of our neighborhoods
  • Building of the Field of Dreams - I spearheaded the effort to get my employer (Harris Corporation) to donate $250,000 to this most important community project
  • Strong support in assisting Promise of Brevard - our investment in supporting our special needs community
  • Plan this year to enlarge our City Police Department building and once again we will pay cash for it - no borrowing
  • Purchase of new police and detective vehicles
  • City government is managed like a business using many of the best busines practices I have learned from my position as Senior Engineering Manager at Harris Corporation


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