United States Marine Corps, 1974 - 1978

Pat joined the United States Marine Corps at age 17 in 1974, immediately after high school.  Boot camp lasted for 3 months and was in beautiful San Diego, California.  He attended electronics school in Memphis, Tennessee for most of 1975.  Classes were 8 hours per day 5 days per week.  His first assignment, outside of school, was working on the avionics of the AV8A Harrier aircraft stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina.  He repaired the "black boxes" consisting of IFF systems, altimeter systems and RF high frequency radios.  Late in 1975  he volunteered, and was selected, for a cruise in the Mediterranean onboard the USS Roosevelt.  They were the first Harrier squadron to be assigned to an aircraft carrier.  They spent a total of 9 months in Jacksonville, Florida; Rota, Spain; Catania, Sicily; Naples, Italy; and  Monaco, France. Life on board an aircraft carrier initially was both exciting and dangerous - especially on the flight deck.  After the first few weeks, as the newness wore off, life became sort of a routine and we looked forward to time in port and dreaded the time at sea.  At sea they worked in 12 hour shifts working 7 days per week - not much else to do anyway.  Pat worked side by side with the sailors and developed many friendships that he still has to this day.  Watching F4 aircraft launching from catapults with full after burners is a sight and sound that can't be found anywhere else.  Pat developed a strong appreciation for the Navy and the role they serve in the defense of our great country.

Pat's final year in the Marine Corps,1978, consisted of time in North Carolina and Yuma, Arizona.  He was released from active duty in September of 1978 and spent two additional years in the inactive Marine Corps reserves.

Pat finds it refreshing to see the respect that our service members receive today when they come home, it was not always that way.  Many in our country were less appreciative of the military during the Vietnam era.


Marine Corps League of Brevard County

Pat Bentley is a lifetime member of the Marine Corps League, which seeks to preserve traditions and promote interests of the Marine Corps.  He is senior vice commadant of MCL of Brevard County.

The Marine Corps League Foundation is a charitable subsidiary of the Marine Corps League. For more details visit www.mcleague.org.


Space Coast Young Marines

Pat Bentley serves as Executive Officer for the Space Coast Young Marines.  The Young Marines is a program for youth that focuses on building character and leadership.  In addition, the Young Marines promotes a drug-free lifestyle. 

Visit www.youngmarines.com if you would like to learn more or get involved



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